AOSHI   -original works (c) Kotaro Chiba
AOSHI   -original works (c) Kotaro Chiba
hikikogal inspired me definitely (‘-‘)ゝshe is studying fashion design in NYC, and be a fashion model sometimes.
illustrations for THE VESTOJ BLOG 
all illustrations that I drew you can see here,
Not the Right Fit Posted on August 25, 2014 by Vestoj 
By Alexandra Cronberg  With illustrations by Kotaro Chiba

"Vestoj (meaning ‘clothing’ in Esperanto) is an annual journal about dress, bridging the gap between academia, literature and industry within fashion. Vestoj provides a platform for academics to co-exist with practitioners, for cross-pollination, learning and mutual understanding, and also a way for readers interested in fashion and dress to come at the topic from a slightly off-kilter angle that aims to be both inclusive and challenging to the status quo."
REPOST Milkx HK magazine 0614 issue 94 have just now arrived at Niitaga where I live from Hong Kong. I have involved with this magazine a bit as a illustrator. thank you for providing this mag Shireen.
Official Video - kidkanevil 'Butterfly/Satellite' Feat. Cuushe & submerse (My Little Ghost - Project: Mooncircle)

Official Video - I had involved with the album as a illustrator.

traditional Japanese stories - Yoshitsune  Climbing Up the Rough Part of Hiyodori Pass
I had involved in project, which has been planned by oxford brookes university. this project is to publish the educational book for the people who learn Japanese  as second language. I had been in charge of illustration in two copies of these books. the detail is the following link. if you would like to learn japanese, you can buy these books here web store.  these pieces are in Prince Ushiwaka(Yoshitsune).

culturainquieta is the platform music & the art.

FLower NP -limited edition
this artwork is on sale for a limited time.
after, It will be out by Daylight Curfew.
(c)Kotaro Chiba
the vinyl is coming :^)
Artist     kidkanevilTitel     My Little GhostLabel     Project: Mooncircle / hhv.deKatalog-Nr     PMC130Format     2LP, Vinyl, LPArtwork by Kotaro Chiba
my prints in progress.(c)chibakotaro
orgnlwrk (c)chibakotaro
orgnl wrk(c)chibakotaro
illustration for MILKX MAGAZINE
this magazine is a monthly issued high fashion magazine based in HongKong,Taiwan and Shanghai.
Juxtapoz Magazine - Kotaro Chiba's Ghostly Scenes

Juxtapoz says:

“These works are reminiscent of a particular manga-influenced style, yet their power as illustrations and dynamic fine art pieces is undeniable.”